Devlogs – The Beginning

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Hello and welcome to the first devlog! I am excited to be writing our first devlog update…ever.

I will start off by introducing the Busy Games team, my name is Craig and I am the Programmer / Game Designer and William Lem. he is the Marketing and Social Media Guru as well as Game Designer. Between the two of us we definitely have our hands full and our work cut out for us. But for the purpose of the devlogs it will usually only be me posting here.

My intent for the devlogs section is to eventually produce some videos showcasing what I am doing, how I am doing it and give everyone a sneak peak of what’s coming up from Busy Games.

I have been developing applications for many years and I have written documentation manuals and user guides but I have never had the opportunity to write about the actual development. Myself I am a fan of seeing other developers write about their accomplishments and struggles of development in thier applications and my hopes are that some of you will find these useful or entertaining.

This is very new to me so please be gentle as some of my writing may be boring at first but I promise over time it will get better!

So a few months ago Busy Games started brainstorming a few ideas to start a new game. We wanted to come up with something original and something that we would love to play ourselves. After some very long discussion and great ideas floating around we came up with Man in the Boat.

Building a game can be challenging enough, but building a mobile game in 3D is a challenge we wanted to take head on. We decided that the low poly art form would be best suited for mobile and 3D. Using Unity as our game engine allows us to harnish my skills in c# and make some awesome things happen.

Originally we had thought this game was going to be a simple object avoidance style game and see how long can go without dying. Now it has turned out to be an open world, exploration and crop growing style game.

We are both really excited about how far this game has come and where it is headed. There is still a ton of work to do in coding as well as design. Stay tuned for my next post coming soon where I will dive deeper in to the game mechanics.

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