Struggles of Indie Game Dev

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Hello everyone!

Here with this weeks devlog update and this has been a productive yet stressful and hectic week.

First, Will and I had realized that our productivity tool Trello was actually getting too complicated with more more and tasks on our boards.  With Trello we like the ability to see everything on one board but having it in a scrum task list it just didn’t fit to our needs.  So after a lot of research and trials we found ClickUp.  ClickUp is the perfect tool for us using a scrum list / board style productivity tracker.  Also the fact that it is completely free forever is awesome!

Now that we are on track again with our productivity tools we had noticed that there is a lot of work to be done to get the first release out.  Currently there are over 40 programming tasks to be done just to get to the point of the first Alpha release.  So being a one man programming team is quite a daunting feeling having to concur this mountain of work.

The challenge of being an independent developer is that we have absolutely no funding for our project.  This is our very first application so we do not have any sources of income coming in to support our work on this other than our 9-5 jobs. So myself and Will are working full time jobs as well as working full time hours on this game. Just not enough hours in the day…

Our days are full and time is precious, any indie dev out there will tell you that is not easy.  We are just starting out but we are already feeling the pressure and the tight deadlines that have been set.  But the thing is we love what we do, we believe in what we do and every minute we spend on it is something I know will turn into something we are truly proud of.

So, this being a long weekend here in Canada we have an extra day to work on some key aspects of the game.  Apart from spending some time with family I have planned quite a bit of time for development.  On the list is finishing the game mechanics, core mechanics and most of the UI.  Sounds like a lot but it is manageable based on what is done already.

So next week I should be able to post some more aspects of behind the scene look into this game being made.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and see you all next time!




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