Low Poly Art Style

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In this weeks update I am going to talk about the art style we chose for Man in the Boat.  The thing about being a programmer is that usually our skills are focused on logic and making things work.   Creating art has always been a challenge for me when I can see things in my head but drawing them digitally never works out the same, tends to look like the digital version of a stickman figure gone wrong.

A little while ago I came across a few games that had this very simplistic art style that was cartoon and 3D.  After some research I found that Low Poly as its called is great for mobile and devices with a low GPU.  This was great, a lot of the ideas I have in mind for Busy Games are mobile driven.  So after downloading a few assets from the Unity Asset store I started to venture out learn Blender to make my own models.  I highly recommend Blender as it is free and easy to use after a few tutorials.  A lot of the models in Man in the Boat we have made ourselves and look fantastic.


When we first started Man in the Boat we had used the standard water shader included with Unity, this was great at first but what we realized recently that the style of the art did not fit with the low poly style.

After doing some tweaks and imports we actually got the low poly water working and found that it adds so much more depth to the game with waves and movement.

Before Low Poly




Low Poly Water







So as you can see the water now looks more like the art style of the game and just overall looks more pleasing.

With the low poly water there is better performance for mobile devices allowing us to do some more features and improvements where we couldn’t before.  A major concern from day one is having this game available for as many devices as possible without sacrificing quality of the game. We will dive more into quality settings and mobile devices in another post soon to come. 





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