Struggles of Indie Game Dev

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Hello everyone! Here with this weeks devlog update and this has been a productive yet stressful and hectic week. First, Will and I had realized that our productivity tool Trello was actually getting too complicated with more more and tasks on our boards.  With Trello we like the ability to see everything on one board but having it in a …

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Low Poly Art Style

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In this weeks update I am going to talk about the art style we chose for Man in the Boat.  The thing about being a programmer is that usually our skills are focused on logic and making things work.   Creating art has always been a challenge for me when I can see things in my head but drawing them digitally …

Devlogs – The Beginning

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Hello and welcome to the first devlog! I am excited to be writing our first devlog update…ever. I will start off by introducing the Busy Games team, my name is Craig and I am the Programmer / Game Designer and William Lem. he is the Marketing and Social Media Guru as well as Game Designer. Between the two of us …